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How To Get Ready For Getting Ready with Vigilante Cosmetics – The Cotton Warehouse Monroe Wedding

When Katelyn and Dan booked us for their wedding and we realized we were getting to work with many of our favorite professionals, Flower Child Weddings, Vigilante Cosmetics, and Squid Wed Films just to name a few, we knew their wedding was going to be off the chain. Held at The Cotton Warehouse with rustic and industrial details, we weren’t wrong.

Katelyn and Dan were relaxed, loving, and fun as all get out and every part of their wedding screamed that, from the venue choice all the way to the late night snacks of Chick Fil A they gave their guests. Working with them alongside the dream team they chose was amaze.

We’re here to share some images from their big day, but that’s not all! Did you know you had to get ready for getting ready? Totally a thing. And when you start thinking about it – don’t you have tons of questions? We’ve teamed up with Vigilante Cosmetics and asked them all of the FAQs about getting ready for getting ready on your wedding day so you can be ahead of the curve.

Enjoy our images paired with their expertise!







Q) What should I wear? (big tee, robe, etc? why?)

A) Your Birthday Suit. JK! A silk Kimono is stylish, and easily taken off without disturbing makeup or hair. Definitely shy away from anything with a collar, because although button ups are super cute, the collar can rub against the nape of the neck causing the hair to fall from it’s pin.

Q) Should I wash my hair? (yes/no/why)

A) We suggest you wash and blow dry your hair the night before and please refrain from using any additional styling tools. For fine hair, adding mousse, sea salt spray or texturizing spray prior to blow drying will help give it some grab. For textured or curly hair, air drying the night prior is best with a smoothing creme.







Q) Should I be barefaced?

A) Yes, You should come with clean, moisturized skin – free of any residual makeup including mascara. Please make sure your moisturizer is SPF FREE! Using a moisturizer with SPF runs the risk of unwanted flashback in photos.

Q) Should I do anything to my skin before?

A) Skin prep before your wedding is very important with how the makeup will lay on the skin. We suggest exfoliating twice a week, and making sure you have a quality eye cream and moisturizer to really plump the skin. Seeking the services of a great esthetician that can recommend products tailored to your skin would also be beneficial. It’s also very important to up your intake of water about 2-3 months before your wedding, this will hydrate your skin from the inside and help clean any toxins out of your pores.

Q) If I plan to get a spray tan, when should I do that?

A) Please make sure to exfoliate thoroughly before your spray tan so it does not come off patchy. Generally 3-4 days before your wedding date is a good rule, so you have time to make another visit if the color doesn’t go according to plan (it happens) or correct any potential mishap. This is also close enough to the wedding date to where your color has not faded enough to notice a difference.

Q) Should I get my eye brows done or do you do that?

A) If you are having your brows waxed, we suggest at least 5 days in advance. If done the day before, the skin will have a slick surface and makeup has trouble adhering. Tweezing and threading should be done at least 2 days in advance to give redness and inflammation a chance to subside. Brows frame the face and polish the look, so if you do not plan to remove hair, at least having them trimmed or groomed prior will help complete the look.






Q) Should I eat first?

A) Yes. Don’t starve yourself! However, if your food arrives while we are in the midst of doing services we can always pause for you to brush your teeth afterwards and touch-up any smudges to the lips and face that occurred during eating before we leave.

Q) What kind of lighting/location should I prepare for us to do HMU? (by the window or in the bathroom/why)

A) An area with great natural lighting because it is the best light for us to check our work in and is helpful once your photographer arrives if they are getting shots of you and your wedding party getting services. Some indoor lights that are blue or yellow based can change the way the colors appear in the makeup, and if lights are overhead, they can create shadows on the face. It is also great to have some counter space to set up our products and an electrical outlet if airbrush makeup or hair styling services are being performed.





Q) Should all of my bridesmaids arrive at the same time?

A) We think it’s more fun that way! But yes, it is helpful to have everyone there at the same time so that when one person is finished another can jump right in the chair. This also eliminates the worry of someone arriving late and having idle time.

Q) How long should I prep for getting ready on my day’s schedule?

A) This varies depending on the services each person is receiving, your headcount, and time frame. Typically, you can allot 35 minutes for each bridesmaid service, and 45 minutes for each bridal service. If we have multiple team members providing services, we would be working at the same time on several people.






Any more questions or topics you want us to get covered by Pros that know it all?

Email us at and we just might make it happen. 😉

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Venue: The Cotton Warehouse // Planner: Flower Child Weddings // Photography: Six Hearts Photography // Cinematography: SquidWed Films // Photo Booth: Robot Booth // Florals: JL Designs // Catering: Beyond Details + Chick Fil A // HMUA: Vigilante Cosmetics, Lauren + Krystal // Bridal Gown: Madison James // Bridal Shoes: DSW // Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal // Groom + Groomsmen Wear: Men’s Wearhouse // Desserts: Bill Rhodes Bakery